We are trying to query an IPA server from a new IPA server (not replication, 
just trying to query to recreate accounts).

But, when I run the query, I get this:

[root@ipan ~]# ipa -vvv -e xmlrpc_uri=https://ipa0.lab.whamcloud.com/ipa/xml 
user-show jkugler
ipa: INFO: trying https://ipa0.lab.whamcloud.com/ipa/xml
ipa: INFO: Forwarding 'user_show' to server 
ipa: ERROR: Service 'h...@ipa0.lab.whamcloud.com' not found in Kerberos 

I've done some googling, and what the answers I found had to do with DNS 
issues, but I don't believe that is the cause in our case, due to DNS lookups 
seeming to work.

[root@ipan ~]# host ipan.lab.whamcloud.com
ipan.lab.whamcloud.com has address
[root@ipan ~]# host ipa0.lab.whamcloud.com
ipa0.lab.whamcloud.com has address
[root@ipan ~]# host domain name pointer ipan.lab.whamcloud.com.
[root@ipan ~]# host domain name pointer ipa0.lab.whamcloud.com.

What config do I need to tweak on the new server to allow it to query the old 



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