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28.06.2013 18:57, Simo Sorce пишет:
On Fri, 2013-06-28 at 14:09 +0800, Mail Robot wrote:
Hi everyone,

I am new to this mailing list.

At the moment I would like to migrate all of my users from Microsoft
Active Directory to Open Source, and what I have in mind is getting it
into Samba 4.

In extending the functionality of it, I decided to intergrate FreeIPA
as the backend to Samba 4.

I saw some obsolete reference on how to use FreeIPA as Samba 4
backend, but I don't know where are the new reference.

Herewith I would seek advise on how to go for my mission.
Sorry to foil your plans but FreIPa cannot be used as an LDAP backend to
We abandoned that path a few years ago as it became clear it was highly
unlikely it would work.

What we've done is that we change our integratioj strategy and
introduced cross-realm trusts that would with Active Directory. In the
future this should work also with Samba4, but Samba4 code base currently
lacks support for cross-forest trusts.


Does it mean, that I can not make cross-realm trust between IPA-server & Samba4-server at this time?
No, you cannot achieve cross-realm trust with Samba AD DC right now.

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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