On 07/08/2013 03:49 PM, Schmitt, Christian wrote:
Hello, is there currently a good way to install FreeIPA or IdM in
virtual machines?
Currently we having some Windows Hyper-V Hypervisors since we are
planning to buy some Dell Hardware that can't run Linux yet, the Dell VRTX.
Also we want to reuse our Windows Server Datacenter Licenses.
Is there a good way to do it?

we run a fully virtualized IdM environment on ESX. We did run in time synch problems after a server was rebooted for updates, the time was way out of sync.

Running ntpdate to synchronize to the ntp server on boot with the /etc/sysconfig/ntpdate config file was the solution for us. the iburst option in ntp.conf works if your clock skew is not greater than 300 seconds, but then you do not have login problems either.


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