Just thought I'd pass along my work-around.

I create a group for each host called hostname-access and populate each
group with the users allowed to connect.

Then, using puppet, I push out an sshd_config that has "AllowGroups: admins
unixadmins hostname-access".

The erb is:  "AllowGroups: admins unixadmins <%= host %>-access"

Then restart sshd.

This is a lot of up-front work, but seems to be the easiest to maintain in
the long run (at least until we can get
AIX to honor HBAC rules.)  Unfortunately, I can't have groups of groups --
that would make initial setup even
easier -- but I'm used to not having everything, as you can see. :)

This only works for sshd, obviously.  We do currently have ftp and telnet
open (yeah, I know) but I'm trying
to get those turned off.  In the meantime I can use tcp-wrappers to only
allow those machines that need
to connect.  This is sub-optimal, since unauthorized users may be able to
telnet in from those machines.


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