On 07/26/2013 12:23 PM, Schmitt, Christian wrote:
> Hello,
> currently I'm trying to get ipa working on a virtual environment, after we
> updated the kernel and restarted ipa, we can't login to our web ui.
> The time is totally correct, and nothing has changed except the kernel
> update.
> our current operatingsystem is CentOS 6.4 (with the newest updates)
> The Web UI always says 'Your session has expired. Please re-login.'

I suspect this is caused by a known RHEL-6.2 to RHEL-6.4 upgrade glitch causing
ipa_memcached to not be added correctly to list of IPA services.

Is ipa_memcached service running? If not, can you please start it and try to
log in again?


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