On Wed, Jul 31, 2013 at 02:29:13PM +0300, Vitaly wrote:
> >What exact SSSD version is this?
> 1.5.1-58.el5 and 1.5.1-66.el6_2.3

The .el5 version looks OK to me, but you should really upgrade from

> >Was user added to group3 recently so that the cache might have stale records?
> Originally it was "old" group; after that I added some new group - the
> same problem.
> I restarted sssd with removing its cache - didn't help.

Ah, OK, thank you for verifying this.

> >Do you see the same problem on both RHEL5 and RHEL6 clients?
> yes

Interesting, can you run ipa user-show --all --raw myuser and check if
all three groups are visible as values of the "memberof" attribute? I
suspect they will..

If they do, can you then put debug_level=7 to the [domain] section of
sssd.conf, restart sssd and attach or paste the logs from /var/log/sssd

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