The FreeIPA team is proud to announce FreeIPA v3.3.0!

It can be downloaded from Fedora 19
builds are already on their way to updates-testing repo.

== Highlights in 3.3.0  ==
=== New features for 3.3 ===
* Active Directory integration:
** Support of externally defined POSIX attributes for Active Directory trusted
** Automatic discovery of Active Directory identity mapping configuration
** Support of trusted domain users for legacy clients
** Identity mapping for AD users can now be delegated
* Performance improvements in processing large number of users and groups
* Automated integration testing infrastructure
* ipa-advise utility is added to generate client setup advice based on  an IPA
master configuration
* FreeIPA-specific SELinux policies has been merged to the main SELinux policy
in Fedora 19
* SSSD 1.11 is required

=== Active Directory integration ===
Starting with FreeIPA 3.3, it is possible to define identity ranges for a
trusted Active Directory domain that rely on POSIX attributes provided by AD DC
instead of generating them out of corresponding security identifiers. This
functionality requires Services for Unix (SFU) or Identity Management for UNIX
enabled on Active Directory side and is provided mostly to aid with migration
to SID-based mapping.

In order to support externally defined POSIX attributes, identity ranges have
been extended to support new range types:
* AD trust with SID-based mapping: 'ipa-ad-trust' (default)
* SFU support: 'ipa-ad-trust-posix'

'ipa-ad-trust-posix' range type is activated when range discovery finds out SFU
is in use by Active Directory domain. To override automatic detection,
--range-type=ipa-ad-trust can be specified to 'ipa trust-add' command.

FreeIPA 3.3 requires SSSD 1.11 on the IPA master in order to support externally
defined POSIX attributes in AD.

More details:

FreeIPA 3.3 provides a new way to enable legacy clients to support trusted
domain users. A compatibility tree, provided by slapi-nis, can now be
configured to look up trusted domain users and handle authentication for them.
This functionality relies on SSSD 1.11 and release 0.47.7 of slapi-nis. One can
enable legacy clients support by running ipa-adtrust-install and answering
positively to the corresponding question.

More details:

Finally, SSSD 1.11 is used to query identity information about trusted domains'
users from within IPA framework, including SID to name and name to SID
resolution. In addition to speed improvements, FreeIPA 3.3 allows to manage
mappings for trusted domains' users without requiring elevated privileges of
'trust admins'.

=== Performance improvements ===
When acting on large datasets, FreeIPA now reduces number of potential read
roundtrips required to update user and group information. When scaled to
thousands of users and groups, this shortens the time required by certain
operations tenfold.

=== Automated testing infrastructure ===
The FreeIPA team has been providing self-testing code for a long time.

The FreeIPA 3.3 test suite includes a framework for integration tests that
verify functionality such as replication across several machines. Tests can be
run manually, or by test automation servers such as Jenkins or Beaker.

Development builds now create a freeipa-tests RPM containing the test suite and
related tools. However, as the focus is on testing development code, this
package will not be released to Fedora yet.

More details:

Additionally, it is now possible to run Web UI tests through the test suite.

More details:

=== IPA advise tool ===
FreeIPA 3.3 introduces new framework to generate recipes of configuration based
on how IPA master is configured. These recipes can be taken to the target
client systems and used there to configure them for a specific task.

We expect to expand use of 'ipa-advise' tool to cover at least configuration of
legacy systems in subsequent releases. Three advices are provided with FreeIPA
3.3.0 release:
* configuring a generic Fedora release with authconfig tool
* configuring RHEL-based systems with SSSD 1.5-1.8
* configuring Debian-based systems with SSSD 1.5-1.8

Contributions are always welcome to grow capabilities of 'ipa-advise' tool to
other areas.

More details:

=== SELinux policy ===
SELinux policies specific to FreeIPA have been merged back to the main SELinux
policy package in Fedora 19. Starting with FreeIPA 3.2.2 (available in Fedora
19 updates) SELinux policy is no londer provided by freeipa-selinux package and
the package is removed in favor of selinux-policy package.

=== SSSD 1.11 is required ===
FreeIPA 3.3 depends on SSSD 1.11 for cross-realm trusts with Active Directory.
In particular, FreeIPA 3.3 depends on a new operational mode of SSSD called
'ipa_server_mode'. Thus, SSSD 1.11 is required for FreeIPA 3.3.

More details:

== Upgrading ==
=== FreeIPA servers with CA installed prior to version 3.1 ===
Manual upgrade procedure is required for FreeIPA servers installed with version
prior to 3.1.

=== Other FreeIPA servers and clients ===
An IPA server can be upgraded simply by installing updated rpms. The server
does not need to be shut down in advance.

Please note that if you are doing the upgrade in special environment (e.g.
FedUp) which does not allow running LDAP server during upgrade process, upgrade
scripts need to be run manually after the first boot:
# ipa-upgradeconfig
# ipa-ldap-updater --upgrade

Please note, that the performance improvements requires an extended set of
indexes to be configured. RPM update for an IPA server with a excessive number
of users may require several minutes to finish.

If you have multiple servers you may upgrade them one at a time. It is expected
that all servers will be upgraded in a relatively short period (days or weeks
not months). They should be able to co-exist peacefully but new features will
not be available on old servers and enrolling a new client against an old
server will result in the SSH keys not being uploaded.

Downgrading a server once upgraded is not supported.

Upgrading from 2.2.0 and later versions is supported. Upgrading from previous
versions is not supported and has not been tested.

An enrolled client does not need the new packages installed unless you want to
re-enroll it. SSH keys for already installed clients are not uploaded, you will
have to re-enroll the client or manually upload the keys.

== Feedback ==
Please provide comments, bugs and other feedback via the freeipa-users mailing
list ( or #freeipa channel
on Freenode.

== Detailed Changelog since 3.2.0 ==
=== Alexander Bokovoy (9): ===
* Fix cldap parser to work with a single equality filter (NtVer=...)
* Make sure domain_name is also set when processing INP_NAME requests
* Fix extdom plugin to provide unqualified name in response as sssd expects
* Generate syntethic MS-PAC for all services running on IPA master
* ipa-adtrust-install: configure compatibility tree to serve trusted domain 
* ipa-kdb: cache KDC hostname on startup
* ipa-kdb: reinit mspac on HTTP TGT acquisition to aid trust-add case
* ipaserver/dcerpc: attempt to resolve SIDs through SSSD first
* Rename slapi-nis configuration variable

=== Ana Krivokapic (26): ===
* Prompt for nameserver IP address in dnszone-add
* Do not display success message on failure in web UI
* Ignore files generated by build
* Deprecate options --dom-sid and --dom-name in idrange-mod
* Prevent error when running IPA commands with su/sudo
* Fix displaying of success message
* Fix location of service.crt in .gitignore
* Improve handling of options in ipa-client-install
* Fail when adding a trust with a different range
* Do not display traceback to user
* Require rid-base and secondary-rid-base in idrange-add after 
* Fix bug in adtrustinstance
* Use correct DS instance in ipactl status
* Avoid systemd service deadlock during shutdown
* Make sure replication works after DM password is changed
* Use --ignore-dependencies only when necessary
* Properly handle non-existent cert files
* Add 'ipa_server_mode' option to SSSD configuration
* Bump version of sssd in spec file
* Use admin@REALM when testing if SSSD is ready
* Fix internal error in idrange-add
* Honor 'enabled' option for widgets.
* Expose ipaRangeType in Web UI
* Add ipa-advise plugins for legacy clients
* Enable running API commands in ipa-advise plugins
* Add new command compat-is-enabled

=== Diane Trout (1): ===
* Fix log format not a string literal.

=== Jakub Hrozek (3): ===
* Remove unused variable
* IPA KDB MS-PAC: return ENOMEM if allocation fails
* IPA KDB MS-PAC: remove unused variable

=== Jan Cholasta (21): ===
* Use the correct PKCS#12 file for HTTP server.
* Remove stray error condition in ipa-server-install.
* Handle exceptions gracefully when verifying PKCS#12 files.
* Skip empty lines when parsing pk12util output.
* Do not allow installing CA replicas in CA-less setup.
* Do not track DS certificate in CA-less setup.
* Fix CA-less check in ipa-replica-install and ipa-ca-install.
* Do not skip SSSD known hosts in ipa-client-install --ssh-trust-dns.
* Enable SASL mapping fallback.
* Skip cert issuer validation in service and host commands in CA-less install.
* Check trust chain length in CA-less install.
* Use LDAP search instead of *group_show to check if a group exists.
* Use LDAP search instead of *group_show to check for a group objectclass.
* Use LDAP modify operation directly to add/remove group members.
* Add missing substring indices for attributes managed by the referint plugin.
* Add missing equality index for ipaUniqueId.
* Run gpg-agent explicitly when encrypting/decrypting files.
* Add new hidden command option to suppress processing of membership attributes.
* Ask for PKCS#12 password interactively in ipa-server-install.
* Ask for PKCS#12 password interactively in ipa-replica-prepare.
* Print newline after receiving EOF in installutils.read_password.

=== Lukas Slebodnik (4): ===
* Use pkg-config to detect cmocka
* Use right function prototype for thread function
* Remove unused variable
* Remove unused variable

=== Martin Kosek (17): ===
* Set KRB5CCNAME so that dirsrv can work with newer krb5-server
* Handle DIR type CCACHEs in test_cmdline properly
* Avoid exporting KRB5_KTNAME in dirsrv env
* Remove redundant u'' character
* Drop SELinux subpackage
* Drop redundant directory /var/cache/ipa/sessions
* Remove entitlement support
* Run server upgrade and restart in posttrans
* Require new selinux-policy replacing old server-selinux subpackage
* Bump minimum SSSD version
* Become 3.3.0 Beta 1
* Free NSS objects in --external-ca scenario
* Use valid LDAP search base in migration plugin
* Increase default SASL buffer size
* Become 3.3.0 Beta 2
* Add requires for slapi-nis and SSSD
* Become 3.3.0

=== Nathaniel McCallum (10): ===
* Add ipaUserAuthType and ipaUserAuthTypeClass
* Add IPA OTP schema and ACLs
* ipa-kdb: Add OTP support
* Add the krb5/FreeIPA RADIUS companion daemon
* Remove unnecessary prefixes from ipa-pwd-extop files
* Add OTP support to ipa-pwd-extop
* Fix client install exception if /etc/ssh is missing
* Permit reads to ipatokenRadiusProxyUser objects
* Fix for small syntax error in OTP schema
* Use libunistring ulc_casecmp() on unicode strings

=== Petr Spacek (1): ===
* ipa-client-install: Add 'debug' and 'show' statements to nsupdate commands

=== Petr Viktorin (33): ===
* Remove leading zero from IPA_NUM_VERSION
* Relax getkeytab test to allow additional messages on stderr
* Remove code to install Dogtag 9
* Flush stream after writing service messages
* Make an ipa-tests package
* Add ipa-run-tests command
* Add Nose plugin for BeakerLib integration
* Add a plugin for test ordering
* Add a framework for integration test configuration
* Add a framework for integration testing
* Introduce a class for remote commands
* Collect logs from tests
* Show logs in failed tests
* tests: Allow public keys for authentication to the remote machines
* tests: Configure/unconfigure remote hosts
* Host class improvements
* Use dosctrings in BeakerLib phase descriptions
* Make BeakerLib logging less verbose
* BeakerLib plugin: Log http links in test docstrings
* Integration test config: Make it possible to specify host IP
* ipa-client: Use "ipa" as the package name for i18n
* Move BeakerLibProcess out of BeakerLibPlugin
* test_integration: Add log collection to Host
* test_integration: Set up CA on replicas by default
* Add more test tasks
* Add install_topo to test tasks
* Add the ipa-test-task tool
* Add tar and xz dependencies to the freeipa-tests package
* Correct default value of LDAPClient.get_entries scope argument
* test_simple_replication: Wait for replication to finish before checking
* Add the new no_member option to CLI tests
* Update translations
* Fix installutils.get_password without a TTY

=== Petr Vobornik (24): ===
* Fix: HBAC Test tab is missing
* Move spec modifications from facet factories to pre_ops
* Unite and move facet pre_ops to related modules
* Web UI: move ./_base/metadata_provider.js to ./metadata.js
* Regression fix: missing control buttons in nested search facets
* Make ssbrowser.html work in IE 10
* Fix regression: missing facet tab group labels
* Regression fix: rule table with ext. member support doesn't offer any items
* Fix default value selection in radio widget
* Do not redirect to https in /ipa/ui on non-HTML files
* Create Firefox configuration extension on CA-less install
* Disable checkboxes and radios for readonly attributes
* Better automated test support
* Fix container element in adder dialogs
* Upstream Web UI tests
* Web UI search optimization
* Break long words in notification area
* Remove word 'field' from GECOS param label
* Web UI integration tests: Add trust tests
* Web UI integration tests: Add ui_driver method descriptions
* Web UI integration tests: Verify data after add and mod
* Web UI integration tests: Compute range sizes to avoid overlaps
* Web UI integration tests: PEP8 fixes
* Web UI integration tests: Code quality fixes

=== Rob Crittenden (4): ===
* Bump version for development branch to 3.2.99
* Return the correct Content-type on negotiated XML-RPC requests.
* Add Camellia ciphers to allowed list.
* Hide sensitive attributes in LDAP updater logging and output

=== Simo Sorce (2): ===
* CLDAP: Fix domain handling in netlogon requests
* CLDAP: Return empty reply on non-fatal errors

=== Sumit Bose (5): ===
* Fix format string typo
* Fix type of printf argument
* Add PAC to master host TGTs
* extdom: replace winbind calls with POSIX/SSSD calls
* Remove winbind client configure check

=== Tomas Babej (32): ===
* Remove redundancy from hbactest help text
* Do not translate trust type and direction with --raw in trust_show and 
* Support multiple local domain ranges with RID base set
* Do not allow removal of ID range of an active trust
* Use private ccache in ipa install tools
* Remove redundant check for env.interactive
* Add prompt_param method to avoid code duplication
* Incorporate interactive prompts in idrange-add
* Do not check userPassword with 7-bit plugin
* Manage ipa-otpd.socket by IPA
* Add ipaRangeType attribute to LDAP Schema
* Add update plugin to fill in ipaRangeType attribute
* Extend idrange commands to support new range origin types
* PEP8 fixes in
* Remove hardcoded values from idrange plugin tests
* Return ipaRangeType as a list in idrange commands
* Do not redirect ipa/crl to HTTPS
* Add --range-type option that forces range type of the trusted domain
* Add libsss_nss_idmap-devel to BuildRequires
* Change group ownership of CRL publish directory
* Provide ipa-advise tool
* Use AD LDAP probing to create trusted domain ID range
* Move requirement for keyutils to freeipa-python package
* Change shebang to absolute path in ipa-client-automount
* Skip referrals when converting LDAP result to LDAPEntry
* Refactor the interactive prompt logic in idrange_add
* Limit pwpolicy maxlife to 20000 days
* Use case-insensitive dict for trusted domain info
* Improve help entry for ipa host
* Remove overlapping use-cases of the same result variable
* Add a word wrapping for comment log messages to AdviceLogger
* Wrap lines in the list of available advices

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