On Fri, 2013-09-06 at 20:12 -0400, bwellsnc wrote:
> Hello.    I am working on implementing several new things at my
> company, IPA, a new DHCP server, and a new named server.  The problem
> is that I am running an infrastructure with Windows, Linux, and Mac.
>  This means that DNS entries cannot be kept up to date using the
> windows/mac side because they are not part of IPA.  The current
> DHCP/Named instance I am replacing does named updates from DHCP.  I am
> wondering, can the named instance used by IPA be updated using DHCP.
>  The ideal situation would be for DHCP to be allowed to automatically
> make additions to IPA's DNS server, even if there is no entry for that
> host.  Can something like this be implemented with ipa:
> http://edmann.com/Computers-Technology/2008/01/08/ISC-DHCP-and-Ldap-Backend
The LDAP backend for ISC DHCP is used to store dhcp data, but wouldn't
be very useful for your purpose.

If you can run a script from the DHCP server when a machine registers,
then what you can do is to create a user/service allowed to modify DNS
entries (aadding a named ACI to the relative zone) and then simply use
the script to call 'nsupdate' and issue GSS-TSIG signed dns update


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