Dear all,

I am new to IPA and have some question about set up.
I already setup IPA server (CentOS 6.4 64bit), IPA client (CentOS 6.4 
64bit), and Windows AD (Windows 2008 R2 Standard 64bit). IPA Server and 
Windows AD already have 2-ways trusted. Windows AD user can logon under 
IPA client PC.

I have 3 question about further setup.

1)  IPA Client Login issue.
In IPA client, if Windows AD user want to login, It need to type full name 
such as ''. How do I let Windows AD user logon only with 
their username? That means only use 'userA' to logon IPA Client PC rather 
than '' ?

2) Windows Login issue.
I want to logon under Windows AD Client PC (Client PC's OS is Windows 7), 
Since this Windows PC already join win_ad domain, it can allow Windows AD 
domain user to logon. But when I try to logon IPA user, for example, logon 
as '' or '\userB'. It always show 'There are 
currently no logon servers available to service the logon request.' and 
does not allow IPA user to logon. How do I do now? I need to modify 
Windows AD setting? or Windows client PC setting?

3) Windows Login issue.
Can I login under Windows AD Client PC with IPA username only (not include 
IPA domain)? that is, only use 'userB' as username to login?

Thanks all
Kevin Tang

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