Previously we have used Atlassian Crowd as a source for user data in
various applications, both in-house built and proprietary such as JIRA
or Confluence. As we have deployed FreeIPA, I would like to start
using it as the identity source. Unfortunately using Kerberos is not
always possible so I am thinking about LDAP which often is an option
in 3rd party applicaitons.

Anonymous access to the FreeIPA LDAP is enabled by default. Is it
possible to configure username/password to access the information?
Currently vSphere has a problem with anonymous access to LDAP not
working as intended. Ofcourse it would be nice to be able to restrict
access anyways.

If using FreeIPA LDAP as the identity source, how should
authentication be handled? Is it possible to read the hash code for
passwords? Is it possible to authenticate against the LDAP service?

Any advice appreciated!

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