>> Let's say we're using domain example.com. Adding clients a.example.com
>> and b.example.com was smooth. Adding client a.sub1.example.com also
>> had no problems until I tried to get sudoers from the IPA server
>> (using SSSD and LDAP as suggested). The client fails to find any users
>> matching the server name. Because the only difference compared to a
>> fully functional server is the dot in the host name, that's probably
>> the reason why no sudoers are found for the server in the subdomain?
>What do you use in nsswitch.conf for sudoers? ldap or sss? If sss, can
>you also paste your sssd.conf?

>Can you paste the output of sudo along with the -D parameter to get some

I managed to get subdomains working after adding the subdomain to the
IPA DNS and filling in the various SRV records pointing to the IPA
master. After the DNS was setup properly, DNS discovery would display
the correct subdomain on ipa-client-install.

After the DNS discovery was successful, also sudo started working
properly on most servers. As I specified sss for sudoers in
nsswitch.conf and added the necessary configuration to sssd.conf as
described in the RedHat documentation, I was able to sudo the commands
I had enabled in the IPA policy. That's great!

Some servers are still, however, causing headache. According to
/var/log/secure sudo can authenticate me, but for some reason the list
of allowed commands is empty (sudo -l responds "Sorry, user xxx may
not run sudo on yyy."). I have defined sudo rules so that anybody can
use sudo on any host, but only certain commands. I'll try to debug the
problems and let you know how it goes.

The caching mechanism for sudo/sssd and especially clearing the cache
with sss_cache has turned out to be somewhat challenging to
understand. Does anybody know the correct parameters that cause the
sudoers cache be invalidated?

Thanks also to everybody else for replying to my message!

Best regards,

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