On 09/16/2013 12:02 PM, KodaK wrote:
> Yet another AIX related problem:
> The AIX LDAP client is called secldapclntd (sure, they could make it
> more awkward, but the budget ran out.)  I'm running into the issue
> detailed here:
> http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=isg1IV11344
> "If an LDAP server fails to answer an LDAP query, secldapclntd caches
> the non-answered query negatively. This may happen if the LDAP server
> is down for example. After the LDAP server is back
> again secldapclntd will use the negative cache entry and the
> application initiating the original query will still fail until the
> cache entry expires."
> IBM is working on porting the fix to our specific TL and SP levels.
> What I'm concerned with here, though, is *why* is it timing out?  I
> don't know what the current timeout values are (AIX sucks, etc.)
> I don't see timeout issues on my Linux boxes, which leads me to
> believe that either the sssd timouts are longer or that sssd is just
> more robust when dealing with timeouts.
> I believe I'm seeing similar behavior with LDAP sudo on AIX as well,
> because I occasionally have to re-run sudo commands because they
> initially fail (and I know I'm using the right passwords.)  However,
> sudo doesn't appear to have a cache (or it handles caching better.)
> Does anyone have any troubleshooting suggestions?  Any general "speed
> things up" suggestions on the IPA side?
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Is the server FreeIPA?
Can see in the server logs what is actually happening is it the server
that really takes time or there is a network connectivity issue or FW is
dropping packets?
I would really start with the server side logs.

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