On 17.9.2013 09:18, Arturo Borrero wrote:
On 16/09/13 15:35, Simo Sorce wrote:

No, we need to update as it is used to unlock auto-locked accounts. What
we decided on was to not propagate any of these operations via
replication to avoid huge churn across all of the enterprise.


The underlying issue is: with a large scale userbase, some method is needed to
know about inactive user accounts.
Users that don't send/recv mails, users that don't bind/kinit, whatever..

  * some kind of attribute is needed to store when was the last activity.
  * activity would mean a kerberos auth or ldap bind, or an attribute
  * this last time info needs to be replicated.

This way, a policy like 'purge accounts inactive by 1 year' can be implemented.
Or even get a sorted list of user by inactivity time.

I think this is a very nice functionality that FreeIPA should have.

Interesting idea, but it needs careful design not to omit any possible case.

Please create RFE ticket (request for enhancement):

You will need an Fedora Account, please follow this:

Workaround for now is to read attributes krbLastSuccessfulAuth & lastLoginTime from all replicas and use highest value. Simple script with ldapsearch could work.

Petr^2 Spacek

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