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> Subject: Re: [Freeipa-users] Replica of a Replica and Master Recovery


> I think some clarification is needed. Every server in IPA is a master,
> on equal footing with the exception of some optional services like the
> CA and DNS. The initial CA is also responsible for CRL generation and
> distributing renewed certificates, but those can be moved.
> I think we need to know what state the machine is in an how it got
> there. What does reimaging mean in this case?

Thanks for responding and sorry for the ambiguity. 

This was the order of events:

kickstart -> ipa as ipa.testdomain.com
kickstart -> ipa00 as ipa00.testdomain.com
ipa-server-install with CA and DNS
ipa-replica-prepare ipa00.testdomain.com
ipa-replica-install ipa00 with CA and DNS
on ipa: copy /root/cacert.p12 to ipa00
on ipa00: ipa-replica-manage del ipa.testdomain.com
kickstart -> ipa as ipa04.testdomain.com
on ipa00: ipa-replica-prepare ipa04.testdomain.com
on ipa04: ipa-replica-install with CA and DNS
CA error and replica install fails

Let me know if I need to provide better information and thank you very much for 
the help!

> rob


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