Suppose we would "bite the bullet" and *move* IPA to another domain. This
would be a subdomain (IPA.MYCOMP.EDU). I have to install 2 new IPA servers.
No problems there. However, I have to migrate the data. That is a real
problem, I think. For HBAC rules, SUDO rules, etc we can do this manually.
However Users and DNS is quit a lot *and* we want to migrate the user

For DNS we could use zone transfers

But for user passwords?

Is there IPA export import type of functionality (in RHEL64) that can
provide this?

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On Sun, Sep 22, 2013 at 10:37 PM, Simo Sorce <> wrote:

> On Sun, 2013-09-22 at 18:09 +0200, Fred van Zwieten wrote:
> > Well, as explained in this thread, the problem here is that we have an
> > IPA domain named "MYCOMP.EDU" _and_ an AD domain named "MYCOMP.EDU" as
> > well. Both have there own DNS servers. It's beyond the scope of this
> > mail to explain why we have named them exactly the same, and we do
> > wish we didn't, but this is the current situation. Migrating any of
> > these to another domain name would be the best solution but would
> > involve quite a lot of work.
> >
> >
> > So now we have a bunch of SAMBA services running on RHEL6.4 boxes that
> > are IPA-clients and we would like to give the AD users access to them.
> > How to proceed? We cannot use an IPA - AD trust, because both domains
> > have the same name. We also cannot make the SAMBA services member of
> > the AD domain, because the server itself is an IPA-member and
> > krb5.conf already points to the IPA servers for domain MYCOMP.EDU..
> > Also /etc/resolv points to the DNS services of IPA.
> > See my problem? If not, read the whole mail thread..
> >
> I haven't read all the thread way back, but what you *could* do is to
> configure Samba in a completely independent way for the rest of the
> machine.
> Join just the samba file server to the Ad domain but use net rpc join
> and configure samba with security = domain not security = ads, basically
> treat the AD domain as a legacy NT4 domain.
> It will allow you to use only NTLM, no kerberos.
> The main issue will be how to provide users to the system.
> If you can map the AD domain SIDs in a different ID range you could run
> both the normal sssd and add on top winbindd configured with idmap rid
> to map the Ad domain SIDs in a range that do not conflict and use fully
> qualified names for users so you have no chance of conflict with the
> native IPA users.
> It *might* work, but you'd have to try to know and you need to fully
> understand the nsswitch interactions as well as winbindd configuration
> nuissances to pull it off. It will be a fragile setup, in any case.
> >
> >
> > It get's even more complicated. The AD "MYCOMP.EDU" domain has a trust
> > with an AD "OTHERCOMP.EDU" and users in "OTHERCOMP.EDU" must access
> > resource in "MYCOMP.EDU". There is a trust between the AD domain
> > "MYCOMP.EDU" and the AD domain "OTHERCOMP.EDU". This works. We have
> > some shares on a NetApp filer who is member of the AD domain
> > "MYCOMP.EDU" and people from "OTHERCOMP.EDU" can successfully access
> > those shares (given correct group membership offcourse).
> >
> >
> > Now, we would like to have peoply in the AD domains "OTHERCOMP.EDU"
> > and "MYCOMP.EDU" to access shares served by SAMBA services on RHEL64
> > machines that are IPA clients in the IPA domain "MYCOMP.EDU".
> >
> >
> > As all out RHEL servers are IPA clients by default we also want the
> > servers running SAMBA to stay IPA-clients for system level central
> > administration of users, groups, sudo policies, hbac, etc.
> >
> >
> > Now, how to proceed:
> >
> >
> > I see 2 possible solutions (besides byting the bullet and name change
> > one of the MYCOMP domains):
> Byting the bullet will be by far the easiest I think, although
> *changing* here really means installing a new domain and slowly phasing
> off the old one.
> >
> > Solution 1:
> > Create an intermediary domain. This gives the following trust
> > relationships:
> >
> >
> > AD(OTHERCOMP.EDU) <--trusts-- AD(MYCOMP.EDU) <--trusts--
> > AD(MYCOMP-INTERMEDIARY.EDU) <--trusts-- IPA(MYCOMP.EDU). I don't like
> > this one and I am not even sure it solves my problem. Another problem
> > involves adding to (virtual) Windows boxes to maintain this domain.
> We do not have yet full support for transitive trusts, so it will not
> work with any released buts, although we *are* getting close.
> >
> > Solution 2:
> > Make a SAMBA only domain. Make one of the SAMBA servers a PDC and one
> > BDC. Make a NT-4 style trust to the AD domain MYCOMP.EDU. NT-4 style
> > to have no Kerberos involvement as that is used for IPA. Also no DNS
> > clashes as NT-4 style doesn't use DNS SRV records.
> I do not recall how good the old NT domain stuff is wrt trusts, but it
> is certainly a possibility, you have the same Winbindd issues as above
> plus having to manage to add the necessary samba objectlasses in the IPA
> tree manually when needed for the local users, or you'll have to keep a
> separate database, if you do not care exporting samba share tfor IPA
> users, you may just not create anything beyond a few admin users locally
> on the samba boxes and rely entirely on winbindd to provide trusted
> domain users. However at this point you can as well use the solution I
> proposed you above.
> > AD(OTHERCOMP.EDU) <--trusts-- AD(MYCOMP.EDU) <--nt-4-trusts--
> >
> >
> >
> > Now, giving correct group memberships and all, users in OTHERCOMP.EDU
> > should be able to access shares in MYCOMP-SAMBA.
> >
> >
> > Correct?
> >
> Once you get through a correctly working trust you should be able to
> deal with this relatively easily, yes.
> Simo.
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> Simo Sorce * Red Hat, Inc * New York
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