I have basic configuration question, my apologies if it has already been

I have ipa-server-3 server installed with default parameters with

We have Linux machines across different geo location and I would like to
integrate them into IPA server, however, I don't want external clients to
connect the server on standard port.

For example, during ipa-client registration it requires all IPA services to
be running on default port.

Such as : trying https://ipa01.my.net/ipa/xml

kdc = ipa01.my.net:88
master_kdc = ipa01.my.net:88
admin_server = ipa01.my.net:749

Is there any way in ipa-client-install or sssd file to instruct IPA client
to connect to IPA server on no-standard ports such as

trying https://ipa01.my.net:8080/ipa/xml

This way I don't have to allocate a separate IP or additional web server to
redirect the requests a simple NAT at firewall will do such as external
8080 -> internal 443

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