On Fri, Sep 27, 2013 at 07:56:24PM -0400, bwellsnc wrote:
> I have a project that requires that I try to connect Apple OpenDirectory to
> FreeIPA.  We have several macs on site and it would be easier to control
> access to theses using OpenDirectory vs FreeIPA.  I want to use FreeIPA for
> all other systems, like Windows and Linux.  Is there a way to connect
> OpenDirectory to FreeIPA or is there some schema changes to IPA to make it
> easier to manage Mac OSX.  We are also currently using Jamf Casper to
> control packages and there are several ldap features that it needs.  Any
> help would be appreciated.  Thanks!
> Brent


I really don't have a complete solution but Alexander remembered
something after you left #freeipa on Friday, so I'd thought I'll pass
it on:

21:42 < bwellsnc> Apparently casper connects using an admin account and
adds them.  I will have to dig around the code to see
21:44 < bwellsnc> I have been looking over the open directory to
openldap connections.  Looks like there is custom schema that needs to
be added to openldap to allow opendirectory to connect to that as well
22:00 < ab> jhrozek:
22:01 < ab> jhrozek: if he appears back after I go asleep
22:01 < ab> jhrozek: basically, Casper has way to map attributes

I hope this helps.

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