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> Hello,
> I'm forwarding the question below to FreeIPA-users list. Broader audience 
> could
> be interested in the answer :-)
> Petr^2 Spacek
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> Hi all,
> Found in SelinuxMap.xml:
>                     As with adding a user to a ion> value identifies
> the host-based access control rule to use for mapping. The access
> control rule must specify both users and hosts appropriately so that
> the SELinux map can construct the SELinux user, &IPA; user, and host
> triple.
> What was "ion>" supposed to be?
> Regards,
> J.

This is just a typo in docs, see my response on freeipa-devel:

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Subject: Re: [Freeipa-devel] [DOC] what was the meaning?
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I see this was wrong even in the original version of the paragraph. The first
sentence is actually pretty cryptic. I would rather replace the whole paragraph

A specific user or host can be removed from an SELinux map by using either the
selinuxusermap-remove-host or selinuxusermap-remove-user command.
which is now above it.

Ccing Petr and Martin to check that.


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