I am getting error: state manager failed on NFSv4 server ***** with error 10016 
in my new IPA test environment using krb5 and autofs.
The message keeps popping up when i try logging in with a IPA user.
Home Directory is on a NFSv4 Server using iSCSI and Multipathd for storage.
I can log in and access my Home Directory but keep getting this message and 
some times it takes a long time to get in.
As far as i can see the Error Code 10016 means: NFS4ERR_WRONGSEC
I have the right permissions in the Home Directory and can create files.

The NFS Server is a Client to IPA through ipa-client-install and has a valid 
nfs service key.
All clients are RED Hat 6.4 too and uses ipa-client-install and 
ipa-client-automount configuration

Anyone have any idea on what the issue could be?

Thank you for any help.
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