Federico Nebiolo wrote:
Il 14/10/2013 17:01, Rob Crittenden ha scritto:
Federico Nebiolo wrote:
Dear IPA users,

My IPA 3.0 installation on CentOS 6.4 (coming from a 2.2 upgrade)
suddenly stopped working for the CA part.
I'm not sure this is the root of all the issues, but subsystem
certificates was expired and not renewed: getcert list gives a similar
output for all of them, and I don't know how to proceed.

[]# getcert list -c dogtag-ipa-renew-agent

Request ID '20130902075915':
     status: MONITORING
     ca-error: No end-entity URL (-E) given, and no default known.
     stuck: no
     key pair storage:
Certificate DB',pinfile='/etc/httpd/alias/pwdfile.txt'
Certificate DB'
     CA: dogtag-ipa-renew-agent
     issuer: CN=Certificate Authority,O=XXXX
     subject: CN=RA Subsystem,O=XXXX
     expires: 2013-10-11 07:44:12 UTC
     eku: id-kp-serverAuth,id-kp-clientAuth
     pre-save command:
     post-save command: /usr/lib64/ipa/certmonger/renew_ra_cert
     track: yes
     auto-renew: yes

Do you have any hints on how to solve?

Try adding a host=<fqdn> to the [global] section in
/etc/ipa/default.conf where host is the fqdn of your IPA master.

I think you'll need to temporarily go back in time to the 11th for the
renewal to succeed.

You can force certmonger to try the renewal again with:

# getcert resubmit -i 20130902075915

You'll want to do this for all certs affected by this.

If this works please let us know and we'll make sure that host exists in
default.conf when upgrades happen.


adding host=<fqdn> and moving the clock backward partially worked.

Now both "CN=RA Subsystem" and "CN=<fqdn>" certificates are renewed, but
certmonger is unable to renew "CN=CA Subsystem", "CN=CA Audit" and
"CN=OCSP Subsystem".

Certmonger error is an "Error 35 connecting to
https://<fqdn>:9443/ca/agent/ca/profileReview: SSL connect error": it
seems to me that selfsigned CA certificate in chain is not accepted by
certmonger, thus certificates are not renewed. Is there another
parameter I can specify to make dogtag-ipa-renew-agent accept its CA?

I'm not sure why it wouldn't accept the connection. Could it be that you didn't set time back far enough?

I think you can simulate things with something like:

# echo "" > /tmp/pw
# sslget -v -d /etc/pki/nssdb/ -w /tmp/pw -r /ca/ee/ca/getCertChain ipa.example.com:9443

You might try a similar command with curl, you just need to create the sqlite equivalent first:

# certutil -A -d sql:/etc/pki/nssdb -n 'IPA CA' -t CT,CT, -a -i /etc/ipa/ca.crt
# curl -v https://ipa.example.com:9443/ca/ee/ca/getCertChain

Hopefully you'll get a more specific error message out of one of those.


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