Yes.. thanks !!
I just saw that myself..
So I need to install the ipa-client.x86_64 package on the client I take it..

Thanks for the quick response !!!


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Mike Calautti wrote:
> Newbie
> I see a lot about DNS built into freeIPA.
> Im installing via yum on centos6.4
> Do I just ignore the DNS part since we have our own DNS servers? Or 
> does freeIPA still need local DNS entries?

You don't need to run an IPA-specific DNS server, it just makes certain things 
somewhat easier.

> Also, im not sure I follow "clients" I see it explains that you can 
> add clients so services and use IPA..
> However, does any client that is supposed to authenticate users to 
> freeIPA, need to be added as a client?

A client is any machine you want to use the IPA server for authentication (and 
authorization). A separate enrollment script is provided, ipa-client-install, 
that is used to provision and configure the client to work against IPA, by 
default using sssd.

> Or is there just an ldap.conf file that tells the client to auth a 
> user against the freeIPA server.

You are best off using our install script. You can opt to not use sssd if you 
really want, or you can configure things manually. We recommend sticking with 
the defaults, and using sssd.


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