Thomson, Ryan wrote:
Hi Rob,

There is some duplication in the error strings (ticket Did you add a number prefix
to yours, I see a 3 -in the error. If so, by my calculation, this works out to 
an NSPRError. It would be helpful to know what exception is being raised,
which we don't do.

I did prefix numbers to the various error strings.

Either way, if you could enhance each occurrence of 'Failure decoding
Certificate Signing Request' in /usr/lib/python*/site-
packages/ipalib/plugins/ to something like:

except NSPEError, nsprerr:
      raise  errors.CertificateOperationError(error=_('Failure decoding
Certificate Signing Request" %s') % nsprerr)

You'll need to restart the httpd process afterwards. This should give us the
real reason for the failure.

Done. The error I get now is:

Server failed request, will retry: 4301 (RPC failed at server.  Certificate 
operation cannot be completed: Failure decoding Certificate Signing Request" 
[Errno -8018] error (-8018) unknown).

Hmm, very strange indeed.

It should be using the NSS database initialized in mod_nss for Apache, which should remain open and available for wsgi. It almost seems like the database has been shut down.

Can you add a logging event to log the value of nss.nss_is_initialized()?

Have you done any configuration customization in Apache or mod_nss?



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