I'm trying to bring some CentOS 6.4 systems into our IPA network, and everything seems to be working find except sudo (which works against all our Fedora-based systems).

I've set it up as documented on freeipa.org, and that same config as I said works for Fedora (I have adjusted to use /etc/nslcd.conf on CentOS instead of /etc/ldap.conf). If I remove "files" from /etc/nsswitch.conf, I get the following:

$ sudo -iu root
sudo: no valid sudoers sources found, quitting
sudo: unable to initialize policy plugin

I have sudoers_debug set to "1", but this is producing no output that I've been able to find. Not surprising, since it looks like the sudo command itself isn't ever querying ldap at all....

What should I try next?

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