Pablo Carranza wrote:

I only recently stumbled upon FreeIPA and am salivating at the mouth
(sorry for the gross mental picture!) in excitement.

Twice now, I've tried to install IPA server on a Centos 6.4 VPS at
only to helplessly watch the install process hang at some point after
executing sudo ipa-server-install.

My 'Google skillz' are failing me in that I've only been able to find
these tutorials (neither of which, unfortunately, address the issue I'm


1.) Does anyone know of any good documentation out there on deploying
IPA server on CentOS (or, is it not advisable to do such a thing)?

It should be fine, lots of folks do it. The RHEL documentation is probably your best bet. See the Identity Management Guide here,

To diagnose the hanging installer we'd need to see the server install log, /var/log/ipaserver-install.log.

I'm relatively 'green' in the Linux world and got started by diving into

2.) Is it possible to run a production server with IPA server on Ubuntu?

Since stumbling onto FreeIPA, I've finally started looking into Fedora.
While Fedora looks very interesting, most of the Internet-chatter I've
encountered seems to recommend CentOS over Fedora for
(RedHat-alternative) production servers.

No. The dependencies we need are not there yet, though it is being worked on.

3.) Any reason why a production server could not have IPA server on Fedora?

It can work and some people have done it but Fedora moves quickly with a release every 6 months or so which is too fast moving for some.


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