I was able to solve this by recreating my test CA. I believe the problem
was with non-matching Organisation between the CSR and CA - but I dont have
the knowledge to know if this is really required.

Anyhow, things work, despite not having removed the "-----BEGIN
CERTIFICATE-----" lines this time around.

Thanks for the help and sorry for wasting your time!

William Leese
Production Engineer,
Operations, Asia Pacific
Meltwater Group
m: +81 80 4946 0329
skype: william.leese1
w: meltwater.com

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On Thu, Nov 7, 2013 at 8:36 PM, Petr Viktorin <pvikt...@redhat.com> wrote:

> On 11/07/2013 08:34 AM, William Leese wrote:
>>         [root@vagrant-centos-6 CA]# cat /root/server.pem
>>         Certificate:
>>               Data:
>>                   Version: 3 (0x2)
>>                   Serial Number: 2 (0x2)
>>                   Signature Algorithm: sha1WithRSAEncryption
>>                   Issuer: C=JP, ST=TK, L=TKK, O=MW, OU=ops,
>>         CN=vagrant.localdomain/__emailAddress=t...@t.com <mailto:t...@t.com>
>>         <mailto:t...@t.com <mailto:t...@t.com>>
>>                   Validity
>>                       Not Before: Nov  6 05:12:09 2013 GMT
>>                       Not After : Nov  6 05:12:09 2014 GMT
>>                   Subject: O=MELTWATER.COM <http://MELTWATER.COM>
>>         <http://MELTWATER.COM>, CN=Certificate
>>         Authority
>>         [snip]
>>         -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----
>> __UDEL
>> __BAsM
>>         A29wczEcMBoGA1UEAwwTdmFncmFudC__5sb2NhbGRvbWFpbjEWMBQGCSqGSIb3
>> __DQEJ
>>         [snip]
>>     Try removing everything before the -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- line
>>     from the PEM.
>> Well that was unexpected: removing the BEGIN Certificate / End lines now
>> makes the install proceed up until:
>> The log file for this installation can be found in
>> /var/log/ipaserver-install.log
>> The PKCS#10 certificate is not signed by the external CA (unknown issuer
>> E=x...@x.com <mailto:x...@x.com>,CN=vagrant-centos-6,OU=JP,O=JP,L=JP,ST=
>> JP,C=JP).
> Can you please post more (all) of /var/lig/ipaserver-install.log? We need
> to know where exactly the issue is occuring and what the traceback is.
>  Do I need to do anything to make my freshly created internal CA trusted
>> for the installation? I've tried the usual magic in /etc/pki/tls/certs,
>> but to no avail.
> No, --external_ca_file should have been enough.
> --
> Petrł
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