> This is incorrect. To validate a certificate you only need the CA public 
> keys, not the private ones. Only having the ipa-ca-agent key is right. 
> This is a temporary database, not the CA database. We are using this 
> cert to request some information about itself from the CA in this case.

You're right, I thought that the script use a temporary db to create the final 
database, but it's only to connect with sslget.

> I think there is an issue with one of the CA certs but I've yet to 
> duplicate it or identify what is wrong. I'm still waiting on word back 
> from one of the NSS devs.

I did some tests: The error occurs when I use a CA managed by EJBCA, if I use a 
CA generated by openssl or nss everything works properly.

The problem is that i can't reproduce the bug in an external nss db... but 
maybe I don't follow the same steps that uses the installation script.

Andrea Bontempi

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