Dear freeipa-users,
We are diving deeper in RHEL IdM and facing with new issues.

Several days ago we started to learn ACI following the advices of Martin Kosek 
and Rob Crittenden. The attached Python script with variables stored in 
"admins" file reconstruct the customized configuration of the ACI on our IdM 

Afterwards what we are trying to do is:

1.       Logging into the IdM WebUI as one of the newly created minor admins 
(from "admins" file)

2.       Trying to add any user (Identity -> Users  -> User Add)

The results of this sequence of actions are:

1.       Web-UI message box with text: "IPA Error 4001: no such entry"

2.       /var/log/httpd/error_log:
[ time...] [error] ipa: INFO:<>: 
user_add(u'test_user', givenname=u'name', sn=u'surname'): NotFound

3.       Finally - and we are perplexed with that - we recognize that the 
desired user has been successfully added to IdM.

We would be very grateful if someone was able to reproduce this problem.

Vitaly Isaev

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