6.4 is a lot more stable than 6.3 so make an update a priority IMHO.

Not 100% sure what you mean but if they simply are out of sync then,

2 ways,

(make a full ldap2file backup first).

1) un-install IPA server on B, reboot and re-install on B.

2) You can force a re-sync at the command line, worth a shot.  Sometimes though 
this doesnt work and you need to do a huge clearing out.

I'd almost suggest blow away B, upgrade A to 6.4 and upgrade B to 6.4 and 
re-install on B.

I found loss of sync on 6.3 a common and frequent occurrence, IPA on 6.4 seems 
way better in just about every way.


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I am currently having the following issue.

Running Redhat IPA on RHEL6.3 (ipa-server- in a basic two server 
multimaster setup.

Servers A is running fine, but Server B is out of sync. More specifically, the 
ldap service principal is out of sync between the two servers, which is leading 
to no replication, etc, etc. I need to sync the ldap/serverB service principal 
on Server A with the ldap/serverB service principal on Server B. Is there a way 
to do that, or am I looking at a re-init of server B?


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