Thank you for your responses!

In terms of IdM "lock" state and "disable" state are different: when user 
becomes locked after several failed login attempts, he is still enabled. The 
locked state is not shown neither in "ipa user-show" or "ipa user-find --all" 
commands output, nor in Web GUI... 
Locked user is brought up to life with "ipa user-unlock" command, but not with 
"ipa user-enable" command. 

So the lockout duration set to 0 could be a deal for us (we are using v. 
3.0.0). But can we receive a notification in the case of lockout event? How can 
we check if the user is locked? Can we see this event in any IdM log?

Thanks a lot,

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On 12/04/2013 11:53 AM, Natxo Asenjo wrote:
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>>> Dear Freeipa users and developers,
>>> We need to alter the default behavior of the IdM server in the 
>>> situation when user exceeds the limit of incorrect password login attempts.
>>> By default the user is getting locked in this case, but we need to 
>>> disable him fully.
>> As in, delete the user? Because locking the account is disabling it 
>> unless I misunderstand it. I cannot log in, my cron jobs will fail, I 
>> cannot use any ldap/kerberos service because my account is disabled.
>> What do you need exactly? Or maybe you refer to the fact that the 
>> lock is temporary (standard 600 seconds, after which you may try 
>> logging in again? In that case, change that in the password policies 
>> (in the web interface, policy tab, then password policy, then open 
>> the global_policy, then edit the lockout duration field and update it.
> for completeness, the same in the cli as an admin user:
> To get the values:
> $ ipa pwpolicy-show
>   Group: global_policy
>   Max lifetime (days): 90
>   Min lifetime (hours): 1
>   History size: 0
>   Character classes: 0
>   Min length: 8
>   Max failures: 6
>   Failure reset interval: 60
>   Lockout duration: 600
> To change a value:
> $ ipa pwpolicy-mod global_policy --lockouttime=INT
> (where INT is the number of seconds you want the lock to be 
> implemented, set it to a huge number, like 946080000  in practice 30 (
> 3600 secs * 24 hours * 365 days * 30 years ) years is like a life 
> sentence ;-) - the accounts).

Right, though I am not sure if it would not hit Kerberos limitation for too 
large timestamps.

Alternatively, you can set the Lockout Duration to 0, this should lock out the 
account permanently after the number of tries was breached. Note that there is 
a related bug fix in FreeIPA 3.2.0:


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