I had a replica that was completely failing to respond to its clients, so I removed it by first running "ipa-replica-manage del" on the replica master, then "ipa-server-install -U --uninstall" on the replica. I regenereated the replica file and, upon trying to re-initialize the replica, received this error:

The host fsipa.spx.net already exists on the master server.
You should remove it before proceeding:
    % ipa host-del fsipa.damascusgrp.com
[root@fsipa ~]#

On the master:

[root@ipamaster ~]# ipa host-del fsipa.damascusgrp.com
ipa: ERROR: invalid 'hostname': An IPA master host cannot be deleted or disabled
[root@ipamaster ~]# ipa host-show fsipa.damascusgrp.com
  Host name: fsipa.damascusgrp.com
  Principal name: host/fsipa.damascusgrp....@damascusgrp.com
  Password: False
  Keytab: True
  Managed by: fsipa.damascusgrp.com
  SSH public key fingerprint: ...
[root@ipamaster ~]# ipa-replica-manage del fsipa.damascusgrp.com
'ipamaster.damascusgrp.com' has no replication agreement for 'fsipa.damascusgrp.com'
[root@ipamaster ~]#

What's the right way to clean this up without making the situation worse?

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