I think it was a case of a manually locked down (post install) system that had 
been previously built. The master was on a vm that was a newer build, but not 
done in the same way as the older server, so it had a more default out of the 
box configuration.

At least now I now to check this before installing the replica on existing 



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On Mon, 16 Dec 2013, Les Stott wrote:
>Figured it out.
>Missing apache modules (not loaded). One of the following....
>LoadModule auth_basic_module modules/ LoadModule 
>auth_digest_module modules/ LoadModule 
>authn_file_module modules/ LoadModule 
>authn_alias_module modules/ LoadModule 
>authn_anon_module modules/ LoadModule authn_dbm_module 
>modules/ LoadModule authn_default_module 
>modules/ LoadModule authz_host_module 
>modules/ LoadModule authz_user_module 
>modules/ LoadModule authz_owner_module 
>modules/ LoadModule authz_groupfile_module 
>modules/ LoadModule authz_dbm_module 
>modules/ LoadModule authz_default_module 
>modules/ LoadModule authnz_ldap_module 
>I'm not sure which one, i just matched what was on the master and 
>reinstalled the replica - no errors. Been a long day so i don't feel 
>like going through one by one, uninstalling/reinstalling etc. I imagine 
>its probably, but others are probably needed 
I wonder if this server was refurbished from some other task where original 
configuration was already changed. FreeIPA install scripts assumes non-modified 
configuration files.

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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