Will Sheldon wrote:

Hello :)

I'm trying to setup a ubuntu 12.04.3 client running freeipa-client
3.2.0-0ubuntu1~precise1 form the apt repo at
The server is a (fully updated) centos 6.5 box running ipa-server.x86_64

The script mostly works on a stock install, but there is an error
uploading SSH keys, This appears to be called from the
ipa-client-install script line 1436:

         result = api.Command['host_mod'](unicode(hostname),

Which generates the following output when run:

Caught fault 901 from server https://ipa.[domain].com/ipa/xml: 2.58
client incompatible with 2.49 server at u'https://ipa.[domain].com/ipa/xml'
host_mod: 2.58 client incompatible with 2.49 server at
Failed to upload host SSH public keys.

I understand that this is not a critical failure and that I can manually
upload the host keys if needed but the bit I don't understand is where
the version numbers come from.

The API version is baked into the client and server. We generally provide a backwards compatible server, but right now not the client (so a new client can't always have 100% success talking to an old server). We are actually working on this, especially for client enrollment, to make things work more smoothly.

How do I revert the api to version 2.49 to match the server?

You'd have to modify ipapython/version.py on each client before enrollment. For enrollment I can't think of any side-effects, but if you ever tried the IPA admin tool on such a client then some odd things could happen.

What is best practice here, should I be using a different source for the
client install script?

I don't know what is available for Debian/Ubuntu clients these days. It is being worked on very hard though I think the focus is on the latest source which explains the mismatch.

Is there a copy of the correct client files stashed on the server somewhere?
Would anyone be interested in helping with development of a yum and apt
repo on the server to make all this easier?

The server being the IPA server, so it can distribute the client bits? An interesting idea.


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