> You are still setting up a replication agreement not a trust.

Oh, I am following the redhat documentation here:


> This seems to indicate that the directory server is not running.
> Can you check that the dirsrv is running?

[r...@ipa.wibble.com log]# /etc/init.d/dirsrv status
dirsrv PKI-IPA (pid 7394) is running...
dirsrv WIBBLE-COM (pid 7463) is running...

[r...@ipa.wibble.com log]# ipa trust-add --type=ad prattle.com --admin
Administrator --password
Active directory domain administrator's password:
Added Active Directory trust for realm "prattle.com"
  Realm name: prattle.com
  Domain NetBIOS name: PRATTLE
  Domain Security Identifier: S-1-5-21-2812083513-4116408788-3699662436
  Trust direction: Two-way trust
  Trust type: Active Directory domain
  Trust status: Established and verified

However I cannot log into the windows domain with my linux users nor
the linux domain with my linux users.....



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