This is cause for concern. Is there a hardening / best practices for
production guide anywhere, did I miss a section of the documentation?

What else do I need to secure?

I understand that there is a tradeoff between security and compatibility,
but maybe there should be a ipa-secure script somewhere?

On Wed, Jan 1, 2014 at 10:41 AM, Jitse Klomp <> wrote:

> It is possible to disable anonymous binds to the directory server. Take a
> look at
> FreeIPA_Guide/disabling-anon-binds.html
>  - Jitse
> On 01/01/2014 07:01 PM, Rajnesh Kumar Siwal wrote:
>> It exposes the details of all the users/admins in the environment.
>> There should be a user that the IPA should use to fetch the details from
>> the IPA Servers. Without Authentication , no one should be able to fetch
>> any information from the IPA Server.
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