On 01/09/2014 07:40 PM, Uzor Ide wrote:
> Hi All
> Seeing the problem people that upgraded fedora 18 with freeipa server to 20
> is having. I would like to know the correct way to upgrade fedora 20 that
> will not cause a loss or failure in freeipa after the upgrade
> Thanks
> _Uz

Hello Uzor,

You should be only concerned if your FreeIPA server has CA configured
(--setup-ca option) and was installed in Fedora 17 or older. If this is the
case, you would need to follow migration procedure instead of in-place upgrade.
We have a related article on our wiki:


If this is not a FreeIPA server with CA or it was installed in FreeIPA 18, it
is eligible for in-place upgrade to Fedora 20.


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