I manage a suite of machines and services which are used for collaborative 
projects with external partners. I want to allow users within our organization 
to authenticate with their existing Active Directory accounts, and I have set 
up an "External Users" LDAP directory to establish identities for our partners. 
I have an LDAP server set up which merges the two directories and which 
forwards requests on to the correct directory.

I like the idea of FreeIPA, however, I need support for a one-way trust. I 
don't have the ability to modify any entries in our AD server, but I do have a 
normal user account (hence I can bind to AD's LDAP interface). However, I think 
this is kind of  a moot point since external users should under no 
circumstances be allowed access to our internal network/services. Read-only 
access to AD is just peachy. I found this old message (June 2012) on your 
mailing list which suggests one-way trusts may be on your radar. [1] However, I 
looked through your Trac tickets and didn't see any follow up. Did I miss 
something? Is this already implemented, or are plans in place?

Thanks much,

[1] https://www.redhat.com/archives/freeipa-users/2012-June/msg00206.html

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