Sigbjorn Lie wrote:

This worked better than expected. Thank you! :)

ipa01 and ipa02 seem to be happy again, "getcert list" no longer
displays any certificates out of date, and all certificates in need of
renewal within 28 days has been renewed. The webui also started working
again and things seem to be back to normal.

ipa03 however is still having issues. I could not renew any certificates
on this server to begin with, but I managed to renew the certificates
for the directory servers by changing the xmlrpc url to another ipa
server in /etc/ipa/default.conf and resubmitting these requests.

"getcert resubmit -i <request-id" says SUBMITTING and the fails with
NEED_GUIDANCE after a short while for the certificates for the PKI service.

/var/log/messages says: "certmonger: #033[?1034h28800" and "python:
Updated certificate for ipaCert not available".

There is a lot of information in the /var/log/pki-ca/debug, but nothing
that I can easily distinguish as an error from all the other output.
Anything in particular I should look for?

Ok, so this is a bug in IPA related to python readline. Garbage is getting inserted and causing bad things to happen,

So the question is, are the certs available or not.

A number of the same certificates are shared amongst all the CAs. One does the renewal and stuffs the result into cn=ca_renewal,cn=ipa,cn=etc,$SUFFIX. The other CAs refer to that location for an updated cert and will load them if they are updated.

Look to see if the certs are updated there. Given that you have 2 working masters I'm assuming that is the case, so it may just be a matter of fixing the python.


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