On 01/20/2014 05:54 PM, Choudhury, Suhail wrote:
Hi guys,

Nice to meet you all.

I need to migrate hosts(host1.domain1.com, host2.domain1.com) and DNS
from one IPA master(ipa.domain1.com) to another IPA
master(ipa.domain2.com), which will then hold the DNS for both
domains(domain1.com and domain2.com) and will become the IPA master for
all hosts(host1.domain1.com, host1.domain2.com).

Would you say the easiest and hassle-free method of doing this would be
to uninstall the IPA client on all hosts on "ipa.domain1.com" and run
fresh ipa-client-installs on them to connect them to "ipa.domain2.com" ?

Yes, I think this will be indeed the easiest way to go. You will be then able to get all the client configuration updated without risk of forgetting some configuration in case you would try to do it manually.


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