# rpm -q pki-ca

There were versions found under two other locations (it may have been these -- we had to nuke the box and start over, so the filesystem isn't in the same state it was when this began). I tried starting the service with each of them but neither worked.

We've built a new server and will be replicating this one so that this doesn't happen again. We hope....


On 01/27/2014 11:31 AM, Ade Lee wrote:

What version is the Dogtag instance on that server? (rpm -q pki-ca)

We have seen cases when the CS.cfg has zero length - and have modified
code to:
1) not write to CS.cfg on startup
2) backup the CS.cfg on upgrades.

Under normal operations, unless you are configuring the Dogtag instance
- which would not be happening during normal IPA operations, the CS.cfg
should not be written to.

Is there perhaps a backup of CS.cfg under /etc/pki/pki-tomcat/ca
(assuming this is Dogtag 10) or under /var/log/pki/server/upgrade ?


On Mon, 2014-01-27 at 06:17 -0500, Bret Wortman wrote:

The only other systems I have running IPA are on another network. I
could take their CS.cfg file and try to modify it to fit what this one
should have had, but that's my only option.

On the up side, this is a relatively small network, and reinstating the
users and hosts won't be an enormous task. Big, but not enormous. And I
should have had a backup, especially knowing there was a scheduled power
outage coming up. Because those are always problem-free....  ;-)


On 01/27/2014 04:14 AM, Martin Kosek wrote:
On 01/27/2014 01:51 AM, Bret Wortman wrote:
We had to reboot the IPA server on a standalone network recently, and this IPA 
server is the only one on that network; there are no replicas. Upon restarting, 
the IPA software refused to start because, after a couple hours of tracking 
things down, our /etc/pki-ca/CS.cfg file is zero-length.

How can I most easily restore this file given that I doubt we have a backup 
(our bad)? Is there a way to basically reinstall the server without losing the 
data in the database? Our users and host definitions, anyway?


Hello Bret,

Sorry to hear that. It looks like something (PKI?) was writing to the CS.cfg
while the IPA server restarted. What version of IPA and PKI are we talking 

Do you have any other PKI server with CA you can use as a source of the CS.cfg
file or as a replica to reinstall the IPA server with CA from (in the worst 

I am adding PKI developers to the CC to advise.


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