Running freeipa 3.0.0-37.el6 on rhel 6.4 and just had a query about HBAC rules 
and how the global allow_all rule applies.

I configured a rule for a single host (host1) allowing access via ssh to only a 
single user (john) via ssh. i.e.

# ipa hbacrule-show host1_access
  Rule name: host1_access
  Description: Only john can access host1
  Enabled: TRUE
  Users: john
  Hosts: host1.domain.com
  Services: sshd

When I run the hbac test against the rule, checking another user jane, it works 
as expected to deny access to jane. But if I include the allow_all rule in the 
test jane is granted access and can login. I also proved this by actually using 
ssh to login.

If I access the host "host1" and remove allow_all from its defined HBAC rules 
in the web ui, jane can still access host1 via ssh (actually tested login). In 
the end, for the rule to work as expected (jane to be disallowed access to 
host1), I've had to modify the allow_all HBAC rule and set it to apply to all 
hosts except host1.

# ipa hbacrule-show allow_all
  Rule name: allow_all
  User category: all
  <sourcehostcategory>: all
  Service category: all
  Description: Allow all users to access any host from any host
  Enabled: TRUE
  Hosts: host2.domain.com, host3.domain.com, host4.domain.com

Is this how its supposed to be? Or is it a bug in this older version?
I would have thought that if the host didn't have the hbac rule allow_all 
applied to it, just the restrictive host1_access rule, that allow_all wouldn't 



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