I would to follow up on a core devel team discussion we had last week. Part of
it were changes to milestones as we currently use it.

1) "Pilsner/Beer Exchange/Deferred
Currently, we have 3 levels of deferring feature request and bug fix tickets to
later releases:

a) Pilsner barrel: when planning next release, most of the tickets will come
from this release, based on priority or topic of the next release

b) Beer Exchange: tickets we do not plan to complete any time soon as we do not
consider it critical enough to devote our limited development resources to it.
However, it does not mean we do not welcome our community to contact us and
provide patches! More details in [1]. It may still happen though, that we will
pick a ticket from this milestone to next release, but it is much less likely
than with Pilsner

c) Deferred: we surely do not plan to complete those and we do not recommend
community to look at those either (unless strongly justified).

More information about Roadmap in [2].

As discussed, this naming is not very transparent and obvious for people
outside of core development team. Thus, to narrow the expectations, we would
like to rename it to become more obvious. Here are my proposals:

a) "Pilsner" -> "Future releases" (with appropriate milestone description to
set the expectations right)

b) "Beer Exchange" -> "Backlog" (with better description)

c) "Deferred" - can stay as is.

If there are any objections or better suggestions, please let me know.

[1] http://www.freeipa.org/page/Contribute/Code
[2] http://www.freeipa.org/page/Roadmap

Martin Kosek <mko...@redhat.com>
Supervisor, Software Engineering - Identity Management Team
Red Hat Inc.

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