Following ports are opened between the 
1) Between the master and the replica (bi directional)
2) client machine and the ipa replica (unidirectional). 
When the replica was up it worked fine as far as syncing was concerned. 

 80 tcp
 443 tcp
 389 tcp
 636 tcp
 88 tcp
 464 tcp
 88 udp
 464 udp
 123 udp

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On Tuesday, February 11, 2014 2:22 PM, Dmitri Pal <> wrote:
On 02/11/2014 05:05 PM, Shree wrote: 
>Sorry some the mail landed in my SPAM folder. Let answer your questions 
>(thanks for your help man)
Please republish it on the list.
Do not reply to me directly.

Did you set your first server with the CA? Does all ports that need
    to be open in the firewall between primary or server are actually

>What I have done so far is uninstalled the replica and tried to install it 
>again using the "--setup-ca" option. Previously I had failures and when I 
>removed the "--setup-ca" option the installation succeeded (in a way). I 
>understand now that I really need to fix the CA installation errors first.
>1)The workaround helped me go forward a bit but I got stuck at this point see 
>  [1/3]: creating directory server user
>  [2/3]: creating directory server instance
>  [3/3]: restarting directory server
>Done configuring directory server for the CA (pkids).
>ipa         : ERROR    certmonger failed starting to track certificate: 
>Command '/usr/bin/ipa-getcert start-tracking -d /etc/dirsrv/slapd-PKI-IPA -n 
>Server-Cert -p /etc/dirsrv/slapd-PKI-IPA/pwdfile.txt -C 
>/usr/lib64/ipa/certmonger/restart_dirsrv PKI-IPA' returned non-zero exit 
>status 1
>Configuring certificate server (pki-cad): Estimated time 3 minutes 30 seconds
>  [1/17]: creating certificate server user
>  [2/17]: creating pki-ca instance
>  [3/17]: configuring certificate server instance
>ipa         : CRITICAL failed to configure ca instance Command '/usr/bin/perl 
>/usr/bin/pkisilent ConfigureCA -cs_hostname -cs_port 9445 
>-client_certdb_dir /tmp/tmp-ipJSsT -client_certdb_pwd XXXXXXXX -preop_pin 
>OlGXcjPVXoQcuuQkGgoG -
>2) No we do not use IPA for a DNS server.
>3)The reason for this could be that I had installed the replica without the 
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>On Monday, February 10, 2014 12:43 PM, Dmitri Pal <> wrote:
>On 02/09/2014 07:44 AM, Rob Crittenden wrote:
>> Shree wrote:
>>> Lukas
>>> Perhaps I should explain the design a bit and
                see if FreeIPA even
>>> supports this.Our replica is in a separate
                network and all the
>>> appropriate ports are opened between the master
                and the replica. The
>>> "replica" got created successfully and is in
                sync with the master
>>> (except the CA services which I mentioned
>>> Now,when I try to run ipa-client-install on
                hosts in the new network
>>> using the replica, it complains that about
                "Cannot contact any KDC for
>>> realm".
>>> I am wondering it my hosts in the new network
                are trying to access the
>>> "master" for certificates since the replica
                does not have any CA
>>> services running? I couldn't find any obvious
                proof of this even running
>>> the install in a debug mode. Do I need to open
                ports between the new
>>> hosts and the master for CA services?
>>> At this point I cannot disable or  move the
                master, it needs to function
>>> in its location but I need
>> No, the clients don't directly talk to the CA.
>> You'd need to look in
                /var/log/ipaclient-install.log to see what KDC 
>> was found and we were trying to use. If you have
                SRV records for both 
>> but we try to contact the hidden master this will
                happen. You can try 
>> specifying the server on the command-line with
                --server but this will 
>> be hardcoding things and make it less flexible
>> rob
>>> Shreeraj
>>> Change is the only Constant !
>>> On Saturday, February 8, 2014 1:29 AM, Lukas
>>> <> wrote:
>>> On (06/02/14 18:33), Shree wrote:
>>> >First of all, the ipa-replica-install did
                not allow me to use
>>> the --setup-ca
>>> > option complaining that a cert already
                exists, replicate creation was
>>> > successful after I skipped the option.
>>> >Seems like the replica is one except
>>> >1) There is no CA Service running on the
                replica (which I guess is
>>> expected)
>>> >and
>>> >2) I am unable to run ipa-client-install
                successfully on any clients 
>>> using
>>> > the replica. (I don't have the option of
                using the primary master as
>>> it is
>>> > configured in a segregated environment.
                Only the master and replica 
>>> are
>>> > allowed to sync.
>>> >Debug shows it fails at
>>> >
>>> >ipa        : DEBUG    stderr=kinit: Cannot
                contact any KDC for realm
>>> '' while getting initial
>>> >
>>> >
>>> I was not able to install replica witch CA on
                fedora 20,
>>> Bug is already reported
>>> Guys from dogtag found a workaround
>>> Does it work for you?
>>> LS
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>What server provides DNS capabilities to the clients?
>Do you use IPA DNS or some other DNS?
>Clients seem to not be able to see replica KDC and try
                to access hidden 
>master but they can know about this master only via DNS.
>Thank you,
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