John Moyer wrote:
Hello All,

We’ve been running IPA now nicely for a while, and I wrote a script to
run something every minute and that filled the logs and crashed the
server.   I cleared the logs and started IPA again.

[root@ log]# ipactl start
Starting Directory Service
Starting dirsrv:
     DIGITALREASONING-COM... already running                [  OK  ]
     PKI-IPA... already running                             [  OK  ]
Failed to read data from Directory Service: Failed to get list of
services to probe status!
Configured hostname ‘
<>' does not match any master server in
No master found because of error: {'matched':
'dc=digitalreasoning,dc=com', 'desc': 'No such object'}

I'd check /var/log/dirsrv/slapd-DIGITALREASONNG-COM/errors to see if there are any database consistency problems.


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