we are considering upgrading SSSD in RHEL6 to 1.11.x. With this upgrade,
RHEL6 would receive many new features such as:
    * support for trusted AD domains in the same forest in the AD
    * DNS site discovery for the AD provider
    * DNS updates and DNS scavenging in the AD provider
    * simplified sudo configuration in the IPA provider
    * and more! See the Releases page of SSSD for more details:

To allow our users to test the candidate packages, we have prepared a
RHEL6 repository:

The NVR of these test packages will be lower than official 6.6 packages
to keep the upgrade path clean.

Using the repository comes with a warning - this is NOT an official Red
Hat supported repository. The packages have NOT gone through formal QA,
just some testing by SSSD developers.

Please report any issues you might encounter with these packages to our
mailing lists:

Happy testing!

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