Thank you for the fast response.

Some point i would like to understand better:

1) I understand there is a Big dependencies issue, that's why i want to
know if there is a repository that can satisfy those dependencies.

2) Are there core issues (like Kernel version) that can't be resolved for
RHEL 6.x.?

3) What is the newest version that i can run on RHEL 6.x without losing my

4) Will it be easier to Install IPA 3.3 on RHEL 7 (beta)?

Thanks again,
On Feb 17, 2014 10:12 PM, "Alexander Bokovoy" <> wrote:

> On Mon, 17 Feb 2014, John Stein wrote:
>> Hi all.
>> The newest IPA version that exists in the RHN repository is 3.0.0-37. I
>> would like to install IPA version greater then 3.0 on RHEL 6.x.
>> How would you recommend installing newer versions? Using Fedora
>> repository,
>> EPEL or just download the tarball and build it?
> RHEL 6.x lacks many of the dependencies required for IPA 3.3. Newer
> MIT Kerberos (with API and ABI change for KDC database driver and many
> other changes required for trusts and two-factor authentication), newer
> Dogtag which relies on several dozens of Java packages and newer tomcat,
> systemd (we use socket activation and tmpfiles.d a lot), newer SSSD.
> Kerberos ccache stored in the kernel space (KEYRING ccache type)
> requires changes at kernel level which are also needed for kerberized
> NFSv4 for trusts as AD users have large Kerebros tickets when they are
> members of many groups and so on.
> There are many dependencies and not all of them could be satisfied
> through a simple recompile.
> --
> / Alexander Bokovoy
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