On Wed, 19 Feb 2014, Mauricio Tavares wrote:
     When I added a windows 7 client (let's call it
windows.lan.domain.com), I had to go manually enter the domain (in
System Properties->Computer Name/Domain Changes->DNS Suffix and
netbios computer name) even though ipconfig would report it properly.
Otherwise, it would show in the kdc log file as windows$@DOMAIN.COM
instead of windows.lan.domain....@domain.com. Does anyone know why? I
know the realm and the domain names are not quite the same (domain has
a "lan" in it), but should that matter?
Windows uses NetBIOS name$ as the machine name in TGT requests for the

At this point we don't have means to correct this via IPA CLI. You need
to use ldapmodify directly and add
   krbprincipalname: windows$DOMAIN.COM
   krbcanonicalname: HOST/windows.lan.domain....@domain.com

to the host entry.

KrbPrincipalName can have multiple values and if there are more than
one, KrbCanonicalName should be set to the canonical version which is
the original KrbPrincipalName in IPA.

     On an unrelated note, in
http://www.freeipa.org/page/Windows_authentication_against_FreeIPA it
should be

ksetup /addkpasswd


ksetup /addkpassword
Corrected, thanks!

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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