On 9 Mar 2014, at 19.22, Alexander Bokovoy <aboko...@redhat.com> wrote:

> Good. I'll take that bug and will review your patch in my queue. It
> will, perhaps, take some time as I have some load with stabilization
> work for 3.3.x.

> Anyway, you are correct that we need a service principal to be allowed
> to access it. In FreeIPA 4.0 (former 3.4) we'll have new permission
> management system that should make these things easier and also SSSD
> 1.12 is going to give us a bit more help with Samba -- there will be
> talk by Sumit Bose at SambaXP in May.

> I also plan to make packaging easier by creating a sub-package for
> ipasam.so so that it could be installed on an IPA client, not only on a 
> server. Ideally, with a tool that sets up Samba like
> ipa-adtrust-server does, complete with creating all principals and
> permissions.

Sounds excellent, thanks. I'l look out for the talk, for sure.
If I see any other little issues I'll drop a line but all looks to be covered 
and in good hands. Keep up the good work!


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