I have configured an AIX 6.1 server to connect to a RHEL 6.5 IPA server. The 
AIX server is configured to use netgroups and all that works for existing the 

The problem is when a users password expires or when a new user is created. 
They cannot change their password

WARNING: Your password has expired.
You must change your password now and login again!
Changing password for "testuser"
testuser's Old password:
testuser's New password:
Connection to localhost closed.

The problem seems to be related to not getting a kerberos ticket as kinit can 
be used to change the password.

Logging is enabled but no logs ever get updated

        kdc = FILE:/var/krb5/log/krb5kdc.log
        admin_server = FILE:/var/krb5/log/kadmin.log
        kadmin_local = FILE:/var/krb5/log/kadmin_local.log
        default = FILE:/var/krb5/log/krb5lib.log

Anybody ever come across this? Or know how to get logging working?

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