On 25.3.2014 10:27, barry...@gmail.com wrote:
Dear all:
whe install it already genrate a self sign cert  called mydomain.com
<http://mydomain.com> . and run ca service.  now i want to check if it
ok to install 3rd party replcacing ..so
to httpd my ldap it will be https: my co domain (official cert ). and

You don't have to touch these files if you only want to install your own certificates for HTTP and LDAP.

Is it possible ? or any side effect on the infrsturture if chane the cert,.
I saw some info on web ...but i now already launch and many users
connected. if i replaced the cert will it make the ldap invalid for
exisiting users.???

You must make sure the CA certificate that signed your HTTP and LDAP certificates is trusted on your client systems. If you do that, everything should work fine.



Jan Cholasta

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