I have a small network of CentOS6.5 servers, and installed standard IdM
Everything works fine.

Now I want to use IPA for other uses:

Use IPA together with Samba. I *don't* have fancy Windows servers, AD, or
whatever. My network is comprised of a few CentOS servers, and some Windows
7/8 laptops that connect to it with SSH and VNC.
I have installed (successfully) Samba, which should be used only for file
sharing between Linux and Windows. No need for other features.
However, in order to use Samba I have to define each user for Samba, and
keep separate passwords.

I'm confident that I missed something, and Samba can be somehow integrate
with IPA, to use authenticate users against it.
But I didn't find any solution or HowTo...

I'm using Redmine (issue tracking tool), that can authenticate against LDPA
server (http://www.redmine.org/projects/redmine/wiki/RedmineLDAP).
Can I use IPA for this?

It seems that in order to use IPA's LDAP database, the client must first
gain access from Kerberos.
I have no experience with Kerberos, but it seems that Redmine doesn't
support it.
Any ideas for solution?

(related to the previous question-)
Can I somehow disable the Kerberos component of IPA, using only the easy
LDAP solution, allowing it easier integration with other tools?

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